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Posted on:5/13/2006
Written By: c.a.sanjeeva murthy
Namaste, recently I went thro' the site Super .It is very nice. Here is the article of pujya Sri Satchidanandendra Saraswathi swaamiji of Holenarasipur who has done marvolous research work on Shankaraas Philosophy which has helped many people in east & also in west to realise the real path of Shankara . Kindly go thro' the facts. shubhamastu, Sakala Sanmangalaani Bhavantu. sanjeeva murthy

                               SRI SRI


                   SADGURUBHYO NAMAHA



  His Holiness Paramahamsa  Sri Sri Satchidaanandendra Saraswathi Swamiji, the founder  of Adhyaatma  Prakaasha  Kaaryaalaya at Holenarasipur (Hassan Dist., Karnataka State ) and its branches in Bangalore (T.R.Nagar, B-28 ) , Mysore- 570012 , the author of over 250 reputed works on ADVAITA  Philosophy in  English, Sanskrit & Kannada , blessed the earth with his presence for ninety six useful & richful years ( 1880 – 1975 ).

In the year  1915 when he was only thirty five years of age he noticed the accretions that had crept into  SHAANKARA  SIDDHAANTA by the commentators and he felt the need to rediscover the real  SHANKARA

free from these accretions.

He strove single – handed to propogate and popularize  PARISHUDDHA  SHANKARA  VEDAANTA  SIDDHAANTA.  Age and ailments did not detr him. His works born out of intuitive experience are characterized by vast and deep scholarship, clear and precise perception.  His  authentic interpretation of Shankara has been greatly recognized in the East and the West.  He was not just a rare and accomplished individual but a mighty and magnificient institution.

His sayings based on real Shankara are universal in appeal.  For example – 1. Vedanta is a Science of Reality.  2. Anyone who is eager to know the true nature of the self can understand the teachings of Vedaanta.  3. Vedaanta is a positive SCIENCE founded  on reason, intuition and universal experience, etc..

He was initiated in to Vedaata by the then pantiff of SRINGERI  Sri Shivaabhinava Nrisimha  Bharathi Swamiji, at  Kaaladi and he had come under the influence  of saintly Scholars such as Brahma Chaitanya Maharaj of Gondavali and Kurthukoti Mahabhavatar.

The Karyaalaya founded by revered Swamiji in his former ashrama is a registered public charitable institution. His Highness Sri Jayachamarajendra Odeyar Bahaddur of Mysore was the Paripalaka of the Karyalaya.  Their Holinesses The Shankaracharyas of Sringeri, Dwaraka  and Kanchi encouraged the institution by graciously granting some monetary help as a token of their recognition of the activities of the Karyalaya.

Vedantic classes and Lectures of PRASTHAANATRAYEE are regular daily routine.  Swamiji has constructed a Digvijaya  Rama  Temple at Holenarasipur to which daily services are rendered even today.

 The Karyalaya  is publishing -1.Monthly magazine in kannada called ADHYAATMA PRAKAASHA  since 1932 without any break successfully. 2.Tri-monthly magazine in kannada- SHANKARA  BHAASKARA since1988.

Thus the institution is spreading  the essence of  Vedanta to all human beings  which is irrespective of caste, creed, sex, nationality , age, etc.. which is every ones birthright to know the real self  or MOKSHA as stated by great Shankara- " anubhavaavasThaanatvaat  bhUtavastu viShayatvaaachcha Brahmajnaanasya ".

The sole purpose of his life was to spread the real TRADITION ( Shaankara  Sampradaaya ) of Vedanta  i.e.

“ ADHYAAROPA  APAVAADA   PRAKIYA “  as  pointed / recognized by Shankara  in Bhagavadgeeta Bhaasya.

 Swamiji is the first person to notice & discover this in Bhagavadgeeta Bhaashya.

He explained its significance and importance in understanding the messages of Prasthaanatrayee. His approach to the subject is analytical.  He made a comprehensive and comparitative study of all the Vedantic thinkers who lived prior to Shankara as also those who lived after Shankara.  Even to-day his sayings are vibrant  and living  which are being spread thro’ his lectures in English, Sanskrit and Kannada by his direct and intimate disciple  Bramharshi  , Adhyaatma  Vidyaa Praveena   Ved.Br.Sri K.G.  SUBRAAYA SHARMAAJI, an equally energetic  vibrant pundit of the Bangalore Branch  who traveled in U.S. also in 1995.

His sole aim is to spread the messages in  Shaankara  Bhaashya  and keep alive the sacred memory of the revered  Swamiji  through lectures , books etc. He is also the editor of the popular Kannada trimonthly magazine – SHANKARA BHAASKARA. He has also written  SHAANKARA  SAMVATSARA  , VEDAANTA  SAMVATSARA,( both books  in dairy form ,405 articles )   PRABODHA  CHINTAAMANI ( published in kannada, sanskrit, hindi, tamil, telugu,malayalam) etc. in Kannada  .

Swamiji lived a full life engrossed in VEDAANTIC thoughts , always right from morning till he slept and  till he shuffled off his mortal coil, in accordance with the saying   AASUPTERAAMRUTHEH  KAALAM  NAYEDVEDAANTA  CHINTAYA.- quoted by H.H. Paramaachaarya  of  Kaanchimutt  in 1945.  

By the blessings of  SHANKARA  and  Swamiji let us also live our life fully in the same way, so that we can enjoy the everlasting  bliss of AATMAN.



For more details please contact  : C.A.SANJEEVA MURTHY,   135, Surveyors Street, Basavanagudi

                                                      Bangalore-560004   cell-9886051222         e-mail- 

 Ved. Br. Sri K.G Subraya Sharmaji,                           Pujya Chinmayananda with  Swamiji





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