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Posted on:1/25/2006
Written By: Sanat Kumar
What is happening nowadays is that there are two groups. One group belongs to astrologers who always try to support astrology due to their business considerations, whereas other group (say scientist) try to raise some logical questions against astrology.

Readers who have faith on astrology may please read following lines, ponder and instead of sticking to some misconcept regarding astrology on which you have not studied in depth but you only have faith, because you have been informed like this. So come out and think with open  mind and decide yourself  as to whether astrology is scientific or is being given coverup of science due  to some vested interest.

At the time of formulating the astrological principles in early Primitive age, it was the concept that every living being has capacity to move, whereas lifeless thing can not move. This religious philosophy leads sages to classify all so-called planet (Sun, Moon, Mars etc.) as super living being (Deities). In those days only sages had social sanction to study religious scriptures. Thus after prolonged observation of the sky they developed the skill to predict solar and lunar eclipse, which was the result of so-called grabbing the Sun and Moon by imaginary shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. They were also able to predict the timing of eclipse and its duration. They have devised an ingenious way to offer donations etc. to get them free from the clutches of Rahu and Ketu, which is still being followed. It was also religious concept that fate of everybody is pre-decided according to their deeds. Thus in this situation, it was common wisdom as to when sages were able to predict the fate of deities like Sun and Moon then why they could not predict the fate of King and so on. Thus procedure was devised to formulate various astrological principles on the basis of the then knowledge of sages based on scriptures and their celestial observation. These principles were the key factors for deciding the fate. Procedure adopted to formulate these principles was never percolated in the Indian society due to iliteracy and hard barrier to learn such knowledge by other castes. Subsequently these principles were spread to other civilisation and later on developed as Western system.

What is happening nowadays that there are two groups. One group belongs to astrologers who always try to support astrology due to their business considerations, whereas other group (say scientist) try to raise some logical questions against astrology. But none of them have ever tried to investigate as to what was the level of information of sages about the Universe, who developed astrological principles in primitive age and what procedure was adopted to formulate various principles relating to Lordship, Friendship-enmity, Exalted-debilitated, Aspect, Vinshottary periodicity etc. If we analyse whole set of principles then following questions may be raised

1 What procedure was adopted to allot twelve signs among seven planets (as Mars is lord of Aries, Scorpio etc.) ?
2 What procedure was adopted to decide that there is enmity and friendship between some planets (as Sun and Saturn are enemy of each other) ?
3 What procedure was adopted to decide various aspect (full, quarter to full, half and quarter),  (as planets have full aspect on seventh house) ?
4 What procedure was adopted to decide that planets are exalted and debilitated at some degree (as Sun is exalted at 10 deg. of Aries sign) ?
5 What procedure was adopted to decide that most powerful and hub of our solar system, Sun has 6 years vinshottary dasha whereas Venus (a small planet) has 20 years ?
6  What procedure was adopted to allot various constellations between nine planets with different vinshottary dasha ?
7 What procedure was adopted to decide order of days of a week (Sunday, Monday etc.) ?
8 What procedure was adopted to decide fixed retrograde motion of Rahu Ketu (3-11 minute-second per day)?
9 What procedure was adopted to decide that Rahu, Ketu are 180 deg. apart ?
10 What procedure was adopted to decide timings of eclipse ?

Thus there may be endless questions, with a final question as to whether present form of astrology is correct? If some one gave answers to these questions then he will realise that entire astrological principles are totally based on wrong concept of Universe.

Everybody may agree that every research is based on the then knowledge. In the same way, when astrology was being developed by sage Parashar etc. At that time it was believed that Earth is in the centre of the Universe and stationary (it is also believed in all religions). Beside this it was also believed (you may read any old scriptures) that Sun is nearer from the Earth, whereas Moon is beyond Sun. All constellations are situated in between Mercury and Moon. You may be surprised to know that all astrological principles are actually fabricated around this concept. I my-self studying astrology since last 35 years and developed many softwares to conclude correct prediction. But if it is true at one time then same combination is not true in other case. It leads me to think afresh logically and systematically over this subject and I find that Primitive concept (when astrology was developed) requires full overhauling in view of modern scientific astronomy, according to which primitive concept of Universe (basis of astrology) was totally changed.

After lot of research I wrote an original book on astrology “Jyotish - Kitna sahi kitna galat” in Hindi (330 pages). This book contains the detailed procedure adopted to formulate these principles on the basis of the then knowledge about the Universe, which leads our sages to formulate these principles. This book was also published in English with the title “Astrology a science or myth” (450 pages). If you interested to know more about the book or description of various chapters then you may send direct email to me.

At that time our sages were neither aware of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto etc nor they were aware that solar and lunar eclipses occurred due to presence of Moon and shadow of Earth. That’s why they have developed the concept of Rahu and Ketu with retrograde motion of 3’11”. It was mentioned in the Grahlaghav that eclipse occurred when Rahu/Ketu came within 14 degree on Amavasya (dark night) or Puranmashi (full Moon). But nobody will be able to answer that why there was no lunar eclipse when Sun, Moon and Rahu were at 203.01, 23.01 and  34.43 degree respectively on 08-11-1984 (Rahu was within 11.42 degree) or when Sun, Moon and Ketu were at 319.74, 139.74 and 150.26 degree respectively on 03-03-1988 ( Ketu was within 10.52 degree). Likewise I find that Solar eclipses occurred even when difference between Moon and Rahu was more then 14°. Sun and Moon were at 94.24 deg., whereas Rahu was at 79.04 deg. on 21-07-1982 (Rahu was 15.20 deg. away). Sun and Moon were at 76.49 deg., whereas Rahu was at 91.93 deg. on 02-07-2000 (Rahu was 15.14 deg. away).

To give a modern scientific colour to the astrology, you will also find in many modern astrological books that eclipse occurred at the intersection point of orbit of the Sun and Moon (though it was not known to our sages and Rahu Ketu were created on the basis of myth). Thus it is clear that at the time of full solar eclipse, when Moon happens to be just over the Sun than Rahu must also be there. But As per almanac Ketu was shown at 194 and 177 degree on 12-11-1985 and 3-10-1986 (refer any almanac) respectively when there were full solar eclipse and position of Sun/Moon were at 206 and 166 degree respectively. You will agree that when there were full solar eclipses then on these dates either Rahu or Ketu must be at 206 and 166 degree respectively, because only then full solar eclipse may possible. Whereas Ketu was being shown at 194 and 177 degrees in almanac. Thus there was clear mistake of about 12 and 11 degrees respectively. All horoscopes are defective in this light and due to this fundamental positional variation, prediction is also effected. If you want then I can give many more examples and very simple method of detecting them.

I fully support that astrology (predictive) is not a science but in primitive age predictive astrology was a mixture of astronomy + psychology + faith. Because astronomy is a science, psychology (recently discovered and it was not known in primitive age) played an important role in handling a person by the astrologer due to immense faith over astrology+astrologer hence predictive astrology appears to be correct due to combined effect of all three. You will also agree with the above observation after going through my original revolutionary research. Because if everything is pre-decided as was contention of sages then why we may take pains, why we may try to do some thing, because every thing will take place according to pre-written destiny. Secondly, there is no question of modifying that pre-written destiny, because if we try to change only our fate, even then all attached happening will automatically change creating a cascading effect, which in turn will change the pre-written fate of every person. In another case, if destiny is not pre-written or say pre-defined than it is not possible to detect it. Because when every Tom, Dick and Harry is changing their destiny due to worship, good deed etc. then destiny of every one will continue remain under change. You will agree that astrology is totally based on mathematical calculation regarding planets, whose transit is fixed and can never and never be altered. Now when transit or birth chart can not be altered it means result of calculation or say prediction is also fixed. Then how one may change his destiny (if it is ever prewritten) by adopting some means like offering, ring, vastu etc. because in that case, if you like to say, then future events will be altered but how a calculation of planetary transit or linked prediction can be changed,  which is fixed due to birth chart or fixed transit of planets?

Actually predictive astrology is not a science at all. Only astronomy and psychology (discovered only in last 200 years) was used unknowingly by  our sages for some prediction and it appears correct.

Because modern technologies like computer, TV, Newspaper etc. are being used to spread this myth in the cover up of science with vested business interest. Hence it requires a logical approach to fight this sort of ignorance. My book has a vital scientific information in this regard and readers of the book are fully convinced that astrology (predictive) is bogus, because procedure adopted to formulate principles was neither logical nor based on correct information of Universe, solar system.

I will like to have your critical comments for further interaction on my email . It would be better to know the roots of astrology and facts, data behind it before falling in the trap.

Sanat Kumar Jain

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