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Shri Yoga Vedanta Ashram, California Chapter - July-2005 NewsLetter

Posted on:9/28/2005
Written By: Shri Yoga Vedanta Ashram, California Chapter
First and foremost, do not waste time in worthless talks. If you engage yourself in pointless conversations, it will only strengthen your sense of reality in this world, giving rise to attachment and hatred, thereby vilifying your mind.

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Six Important Points

Many people complain of feeling sleepy while doing jap (chanting Lord’s name) on a mala and ask for a solution. If one cannot do Jap on a mala all the time, one should devote some time to the study of the scriptures and selfless service. The mind is multi-dimensional in nature and has to be controlled tactfully. At times engage the mind in jap, at other times meditate on God, then enjoy recollecting His glory and also devote time to selfless service. In this manner, keep the mind engaged in a variety of virtuous endeavors. If an aspirant follows certain rules in his life he can make quick progress in sadhana.

First and foremost, do not waste time in worthless talks. If you engage yourself in pointless conversations, it will only strengthen your sense of reality in this world, giving rise to attachment and hatred, thereby vilifying your mind. Therefore take no action under the influence of attachment or hatred. Engage in service but not out of attachment or hatred, but rather with a heart full of respect for others. Take others in confidence and you will be able to perform better service, and your own abilities will be enhanced as well.

Secondly, set a lofty goal for yourself. Even the gods would pay obeisance to Daksha, the father-in-law of Lord Shiva. Munis and Rishis used to eulogize him. He was the most eminent amongst the Lokapalas. Once when he went to an assembly of gods, everyone stood up out of respect for him except Lord Shiva. He took a serious offence at the fact that Shiva, his son-in-law, did not show him due respect. He performed a yajna with the sole purpose of insulting Lord Shiva. A proper seat was placed for each of the other gods at the yajna ceremony, but no seat was arranged for Lord Shiva. Yajnas as such are virtuous endeavors but since the objective of this yajna was to insult Lord Shiva, Daksha was beheaded and the yajna came to a devastating end. Later on with the grace of Lord Shiva, a goat’s head was affixed to the body (headless trunk) of Daksha.

Therefore always have a lofty goal in life.

Thirdly, do your work with skill and diligence. Never leave any work unfinished because of obstacles. Do not entertain cowardice. Aptly has it been said ‘Yoga is skill in work.’

Fourthly, do not bask in the pride of being the doer and ensure that no work suffers on account of your carelessness. Everyone has a treasure of divine capabilities latent within oneself. One should be careful and ever alert to tap these capabilities in right earnest.

Fifthly, give importance only to God. Each and every individual has his or her own virtues and vices. The more an aspirant pays credence to this world the more the vices will multiply. On the other hand, when an aspirant is devoted to God, he finds his virtues multiplying.

Sixthly, the aspirant should develop purity of conduct and his heart should be pious as well. His character and behavior should be so immaculate that his life may become an example for everyone.

These six points, can surely lead an aspirant to success in his endeavors.






What is meant by taking refuge in God?

Pujya Bapuji says: to let the modifications of the mind subside in their source, the Supreme Self is to take refuge in God. But on the contrary, we take refuge in troubles, worries, envy, hatred fears, deceit and trickery. Refrain from that. Be convinced that happiness and sorrow, troubles and worries all take place in the mind; then repose in your very Being, in Self-Bliss and you have taken refuge in God.

What is significance of worship in life?

Pujya Bapuji says: Worship is extremely essential for sadhaks. Various kinds of problems and difficulties keep troubling people at every step of life. One needs strength to fight them. That strength is obtained from worship and adoration of the Lord.

A regular practice of worship keeps the mind calm and cheerful and provides one with immense strength, which in turn makes a person worthy and capable of listening to and imbibing the teachings on Self-knowledge. Only such a capable and deserving sadhaks succeeds in assimilating the Supreme experience of the Brahmavetta Personages.


  Plant a Tulsi plant in any direction of the house; apart from being auspicious it provides immunity against diseases. The Tulsi leaves contain excellent properties that stimulate the digestive fire, strengthen the heart, eliminate bad smells, provide relief in pains, enhance the memory and purify the blood.

 So from today onwards eat five to seven leaves early in the morning on an empty stomach. Chew them thoroughly and drink a glass of water that was kept in a copper vessel overnight. Make sure that no remnant of the leaves is stuck in your gums or teeth.



 The tremendous power of Maya has deluded you. Selfishness has narrowed your thinking, desires have robbed you, and greed has made you blind. You worry about what will happen to you. Did you worry about your protection and nourishment in the mother’s womb? The Almighty made beautiful arrangements for you. After coming in to this world you have lost your innocence; and urged by selfishness you have limited yourself. Once again begin afresh work in the right direction. Nature will be inspired to take care, if you once again begin to awaken in your real Self.    




 The Lord and the Guru cannot rescue you if you yourself don’t co-operate in protecting your own self from these bouts of passion. If a student does not co-operate, then all the teachers and principals put together cannot help him obtain an academic degree. Hence you must yourself take the initiative. The Grace of the Lord, the scriptures and the Guru is boundless. But you must yourself take the initiative. Just as the sunrays and rains are naturally available, but if the farmer does not toil, then what can the Sun and rain do for him?





Abstain from family attachment and delusion. March on the path of Sadhana, with firm determination in your heart. This body is not meant for my wife, or material wealth and other similar petty things. It is very difficult to obtain human birth. This body is meant only for the attainment of Self-knowledge. Do not attach any significance to external relations and activities because they might become hurdles on your Sadhana path. Sadhana is my primary duty. The rest of the things are subsidiary works. With this firm faith, march onwards on your path.



 Lest you forget everything, never forget your parents. Never forget that their obligations are innumerable. Worshipped many deities on earth they have, to beget you, so never hurt their pious hearts with your harshness. Remaining hungry they themselves, fed you and raised you, do not spit poison, on those who have given you nectar. They have fulfilled all your desires, and loved you deeply, fulfill all their wishes, and never forget to do this. Even if you earn millions and your parents are not made happy, never forget that without serving them millions are like ashes. You want your children to serve you, become a child and serve, what you do is what you get, never forget this justice. They slept in the wet, but let you sleep in the dry, never forget the mother’s loving eyes, and let not tears come to them. Lovingly flowers they have strewn, along your path, never become a thorn in the path of those who guided you. You can buy anything with wealth, but you won’t be able to buy parents. At all times their feet so pure, never forget to love them.



Dharmarajavrata (mantra mahodadhi) eliminates all diseases:

Even if you are suffering from incurable diseases wake up early in the morning and do constant jap of this mantra:

Aum kraum hrim âm vaivasvatâya dharmarâjâya bhaktânugrahakrite namah

It will help cure all your Diseases and deliver you from all sins and afflictions.



For Headache and Tension: Sit straight & stretch both arms & place the hands on the knees with palm facing upwards. Bend the index finger so that it folds under your thumb. The remaining 3 fingers should remain straight. Let about 1/2 cm. of your tongue (i.e., tip of the tongue) be out of the mouth. Relax your mind. Sit in this position for 1-2 minutes. One should do this procedure 2-3 times in a day.

For controlling Anger:  Do not eat hurriedly. Take at least 25 minutes to eat and chew your food properly. If you find it difficult to ward off anger, press your tips of the fingers into your palms making a fist. Eat sattvic food. Stay away from garlic, red chillies, and fried foods.




Sant Kripa Oil

This is very good medicine for pain in joints. For sprains and internal injuries, gently massage the affected area with this oil and then cover it with a warm cloth. It is also useful for external injuries / bruises and itching.

Kali Booti

It solves many stomach problems, purifies nervous system, improves digestive power, eliminates gastric disorders, relieves from gloominess and keeps one cheerful. Patients with kidney stone problems should take this Booti. It makes weak and thin children healthy. Patients suffering from cough and phlegm are relieved, by taking booti mix with honey.



Video Satsang at Sunnyvale temple – July 03 – 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Video Satsang- July 09 – 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Video Satsang at Fremont temple – July 16 – 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Video Satsang- July 23 – 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Video Satsang- July 30 – 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Prasad will be served after the Satsang


Baal Sanskaar (Children’s Moral Education Program) for kids between ages 5-16 years will be organized at Sunnyvale temple and Fremont temples in parallel to Video Satsang. This will expose them to the Great Indian Heritage & develop moral character. Focus is on teaching Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Exercises for improving intellect & concentration.


Local TV Channel/Online Satsang Currently Being Telecasted

·         Watch Pujya Bapuji’s Amritvani on Comcast, Channel 29 (in Fremont, Newark, and Union City) at

      4.30PM (PST) every Friday.

·         Watch free webcast of Chetichand Shibir, Holi Shibir and Bhopal Satsang of Pujya Bapuji at



Hindu calendar: Upcoming Festivals of July 2005

1.  2nd July- Yogini Ekadashi                                          2. 18th July- Devshayani Ekadashi

3.  23rd July- GuruPurnima / Vyas Purnima                     4. 31st July- Kamika Ekadashi


Please Contact for more information


Avinash Arora: 408-382-9251, Divyanand Baria: 415-585-4555, Kalpesh Jaspara: 408.306.5650 Srinivas Gogineni: 510.585.6403, Sanjay Bhatnagar: 831-212-4680, Vibhash Trivedi: 408-667-8884





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